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Now this is a rather sad sight.. Running out of clay yet again! This is all the prepped clay I have left.. there is enough of one mix to sculpt one of my tiny Pixies or even a tiny Troll ... but right now I need to start working on my Norn for the Malvern Doll Fair, and I am going to need much more clay!

.... And so.. here we are again... back to the part I hate the most! .... . . Clay Prep. Oh how I hate you! I hate you so much!! I hate how you hurt my hands, I hate how you blister my fingers, I hate how you leave bruises on my palms and I hate how you leach all the moisture from my skin..... but.. without you .. I could not create my beautiful, cheeky and sometimes wise art dolls.. so I guess I should ranting and start prepping clay..!

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