The White Queen

The Underlyn

Elegant and beautiful, enchanting and aloof. The Underlyn are the aristocratic Fairies of The Nightswood. They live beneath the earth in halls of carved marble and etched stone, lit by countless coloured quartz crystals and eternal undying candles.


She has a pair of my handmade ice blue glass-like eyes and her tiny lashes have been applied one at a time. She has been blushed in Genesis Heat-set artist oils and acrylic paints. Her soft white hair is made from Viscose fiber.
She has been dressed in white silk dupion which I have embroidered with a vine pattern with silk flowers. Off-white silk, gossamer silk which has been smocked and beaded at the back and sides, lace fabric and organza lace trim which I have both beaded with tiny silver beads. Her head is adorned with a PMC (Precious Metal Clay) hand sculpted silver crown and on her lower back sits one of my white moths with silk wings.

Stands approximately 16 inches tall.

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