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The Ways of the Shaman
Meargorn & Parwyn Barwell

Meagorn fondly looks upon his new shaman in training, realizing that his training is soon complete. He will miss Parwyn, but he knows his young friend needs to go and start a life time of healing. Parwyn, packed with his new found knowledge is eager to set out and find the world of healing and soul mending. He will treasure the time spent with his old friend and mentor, Meargorn.


Parwyn, will soon set out to start his own adventures, but is weary, for he knows the dangers that lurk in the out side world. Far from the protective and safe side of his old mentor Meargorn. Parwyn only hopes that the wisdom Meargorn has given him will be strong enough, because what lurks in the unknown world are Black Dragons guarded by Goons........

The WingWalker

Parwyn, now a full Shaman, leaves his mentor, Meargorn, to set out on his new adventures to care and heal the victims of the Wing Walker and her evil, insidious slave. The Wing Walkers terror and menace has spread through out the countryside, threatening the very existence of the kingdom of the fairies. The Wing Walker must be stopped and destroyed…


The Wing Walker is an evil temptress who roams the region with her small and hideous, gnarled fallen nymph Mug looking for unsuspecting Fairies. At one time she was a beautiful maiden fairy but she became consumed with the beauty and youth of others, as she aged she became more insidious and evil. She has become so twisted that she can only survive on the wings of other fairies..


As quickly as they appear, they snatch the unsuspecting Fairies wings from their bodies and disappear back into the dark forest from which they came. The Wing Walker snatches wings to put in her potion. She needs an endless supply of wings to maintain her life form and immortality….

The Fairy Princess of the Brown Forrest
Nathara & Nettie

Nathara is the the Princess of the Brown Forrest. Nathara has lovingly nurtured her unborn baby. The new born will be the most powerful of the Brown Forest. Nettie has been preparing for the important arrival and will help raise and nurture the newborn. This is a fearful time for the young Fairy Princess. The newborn's wing will be highly coveted. The newborn will bring a new era and a new power to the land of Orgnonn.


Nathara and Nettie will need to be on high alert as the highly anticipated birth draws near. A dark threat is always present from the Evil Wing Walker and the Black Fire Dragon....

Forest Goblin

Gadgeth is a left over from the great wars that took place between the great forests. Once a great Goblin Warrior, now forced to be a mere pedlar of forest Mushrooms and fiddle head ferns. Gadgeth tags along with Parwyn, but not necessarily for Parwyn's interests. He has his own selfish set of agendas to reach.  


Once good and Noble, now old and haggard from the great wars, but still strong and stealthy enough to fight off the enemies they may encounter.

Tale by Tracy Bly

Art by Ksheyna Nightswood

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