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Nightswood Dolls is on Patreon!


My name is Ksheyna and I am a Doll Artist living in Rural Victoria, Australia. I primarily make OOAK fantasy art dolls and have been creating them for 9 years. My work stems from my love of fantasy, nature and faerie, as well as Norse and Celtic folklore and mythology.

Using polymer clay, wire, fabrics, fibres and paints I am able to create the creatures that stroll, take flight, dart and dash (and sometimes trip!) through my imagination. It is amazing to watch them come to life, each with their own unique personality. My art and desire to create is what drives me, and there is nothing in this world I would rather do then sit in my studio and bring these amazing creatures to life. I also love to dabble in a bit of watercolour painting, creating colouring pages and jewellery making.


I never want to stop creating and your support will allow me to continue creating my art and allow me to spend more time working on the cheeky, enchanting and elaborate pieces and sharing them with the world.

On Patreon I will be sharing my progress, including any ‘unpleasant stages’ which we normally don’t like to show. You will also get to see my sketches and costume designs. Get access to my tutorials, costume resource pages and faerie wings to use on your own art. Participate in Patreon-only polls as well as get the opportunity to purchase my finished pieces before the rest of the world. Patreon is also the only place where you can get discounts for my art dolls!

I hope what I create will inspire others to create and bring a bit of magic and joy to people’s lives.


Patreon is a platform where anyone can become a Patron of the Arts! So if you like my work and want to support me then this is the place. You can cancel or adjust your pledge at anytime! In return for your support, you will get exclusive access to content that will not be shared anywhere else.

Your patronage means the absolute world to me and will help me to continue creating the art that I love ❤

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