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Transparent Art Doll Wings
Angelina Film Faerie Wings
Organza Faerie Wings

Make your own Transparent faerie wings for art dolls, bears, hair accessories and more!

clay prep

Learn to make elegant Angelina/Fantasy Film faerie wings!

Make your own organza fabric faerie wings for your art dolls! 

Mixing and preparing polymer clay for sculpting art dolls. 


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Striped fabric
Miniature Butterflies
Corset Making tutorial

Making your own striped fabric for art doll socks and sleeves is far easier than you may think! 

This tutorial will teach you everything you need to know to make your own striped fabric!

Learn to make your own poseable miniature silk butterflies! 

*Includes a printable butterfly sheet.

Learn to make a 6 piece corset for your Art Dolls.


This tutorial will teach you how to make and adjust your own pattern so you get that perfect fit.

Making Art Doll Armatures
Sculpting Dryad Hands
Painting Dryad Hands

How to make an Armature for an OOAK Art Doll.


*Includes printable body plans for a 10 inch female, 6 inch brownie and 6 inch troll.

Learn to sculpt a pair of hands for a Dryad Art Doll.

Part 1

Part 2

Making Forearm pieces

*Includes a short video on how to bend the fingers.

Creating a faux wood look and feel for the Dryad hands.

Sculpting a Female face

Learn to sculpt a beautiful Female face.

Part 1

Part 2

Continuing on from Sculpting a Female Face part 2 Learn to sculpt the upper female torso.

Creating and shaping a little leather mage hat for your magickal art dolls.


How to make a skull cap and wing for your OOAK art dolls.

WH cover.jpg

Making poseable wired hands for your art dolls. Poseable palms, wrists and at the first knuckle.

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