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Porcelain BJD

I have wanted to make a porcelain ball jointed doll for quite some time now!
Whenever I take photos of my fairy art dolls, I am always think how nice it would be if I could just tilt her head this way, or move her hand, make her sit or stand her up.. she would look so nice if I could just… !!! but sadly that is just not something you can do to a polymer art doll.. unless you want to break something.. So around mid 2016 I started work on a Ball Jointed Doll sculpt, I have spent many months fussing over her, adding a bit extra here and then sanding a bit over there. At the end of Feb 2017 I was finished and finally happy with the how she looked. I have spent around 9 months  sculpting, carving and sanding. I have never spent so much time on a doll before! but it has all been worth it!

I would love to be able to devote a few months to just working on my BJD and get as much done as I can. But sadly there are just too many things to do, new art dolls to create and new sewing techniques to learn! 

But I will get there in the end!

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