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Making Angelina Film

Art Doll Wings.

These tutorials are for personal use only

Supplies needed:


Pen and paper

Angelina film (any colour you want)

Coloured craft wire - I am using 22ga silver

Wire cutters and pliers


Craft glue - a clear fast drying glue

Candle - or a heat gun

Paint brush

Clear lacquer - I am using Liqutex Glazing Medium

Embellishments of your choice

      glitter, flowers, filigree, beads.

Begin by sketching out your wing design, it can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. Once you have your design, measure and cut the wire to match the internal veins of your wings, making sure you cut 2 of each! The top and bottom vein will be made up of one piece, after measuring the outer vein add an extra 2 inches for the wire stem.

Once all the veins are cut take the outer vein and place it on you design as shown below. Measure an inch down from the top vein, using your pliers bend the wire and twist to create the stem.

Cut 2 squares of the angelina film, the same size as your wings and lay it over your design. Carefully apply a thin layer of glue to one side of the outer vein wire and press it down onto the film. Glue the remaining veins to the film following you design. Repeat for the second wing. Once the glue is dry cut off the excess film leaving a 4mm rim of film.

Light your candle. (Holding your hand high above the flame, the correct distance is where you start to feel the heat) Pass the wing about the flame, moving slowly, the film will begin to shrink and tighten. Raise and lower the wing to see the colours shift! To sear the edges along the wire, pass the rim of the wing close to the flames edge.

If held to long or to close over the flame holes will begin to appear in the film, if you burn a hole try to match it on the second wing. You can also use an incense stick to burn smaller holes in the film.

Apply a thin layer of lacquer to your wings and allow to dry. If you wish to add a bit more colour to your wing try adding a bit of acrylic paint or powder pigment to the lacquer!


There are no rules to embellishing your wings. They can be delicate with just a hint of glitter or extravagant with large flowers, lots of glitter, beads, rhinestones and more!!


For these wings I have added a slight touch of colour to my lacquer, some wire tails and glitter!

Quite a lot of glitter!!!

Have Fun!!


If you have any questions about this Tutorial please do not hesitate to contact me.

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