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'New' Studio!

Well its not really a 'new' studio, more like the 'old' studio with a makeover. It really needed to be done! They was not much space on my deck and what little I had was quickly running out!

My studio had become unruly!! Clutter everywhere ... so much clutter.. and all because I love to experiment. I really enjoy finding new and unique ways of creating and that means having a wide range of different materials. Not every experiment works (most don't) but each and every time I learn something new. I keep all the little bits and pieces, even when something doesn't work as you never know when it could come in handy or when you are ready to have another go, and that means clutter!!

The old desk was a blow moulded trestle table, it was not a bad old table but in the end it just was too thin, rather unstable to work on and a pain to clean. I love my new desk, its solid and quite sturdy and gives me lots of space to work on even with the shelves, but I did manage to injure myself rather badly putting it together.

Still got a bit more work to do on my studio before it is finished, I have a few photos of my art dolls I want to put up on the walls, and I still need to get some storage boxes for all my extra bits and bobs that are hidden away in the wardrobe. My studio seems to be slowly turning rather white!

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