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Genesis Heat Set Artist Oils

The first time I used artist oils I hated them!! I really hated them! I look at many tuts online and still I hated them, they seem to add a wet look 'shine' to the doll which I do not like, I want my work to look matt not like it has been sprayed with VARNISH!!!!!! Yea not a fan of varnished polymer art dolld. It seem that this 'shine' can be avoided if you add very little colour to the doll.. but only a little! I hated them! But every now and then I would pull them out of there box and have a play, but it always ended the same... untill last year when it didn't! Colour without that evil wet look 'shine'

I don't know how many times I pulled then out of there box only to put them back but every time I failed I learned something new, even if i didn't think it at the time. 5 years of hating Artist oild and now I love them!

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