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Been a while! + Commissions!

Been some time since I was last on! I exacerbated my wrist injuries around the start of the year, things only got worse and I have spent the past few months in far too much pain! It really does not pay to push yourself and overdo things..

Computer work seems to be the bane of my injuries so for the past few months I have been working (frustratingly!) slowly on commissions and some new dolls for the upcoming Melbourne Doll Show.

In March I started work on two troll commissions, one was to be a Woodland Mystic and the other a Winter Storyteller. Both were a lot of fun to create, so much fabric to dye, little bags to sew and scrolls to make as well as an old-ish leather bound book for the Storyteller… so much faux snow! It gets everywhere!

Click image for full view!

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