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Making Transparent

Art Doll Wings.

These tutorials are for personal use only

Supplies needed:


Transparent wing sheet

Spray Sealer - I use Krylon Preserve It!

Coloured craft wire - I am using 24ga hot pink

Craft glue- a clear fast drying glue


Wire cutters and pliers

Embellishments of your choice

Crystal lacqure or Mod Podge

Before I begin I always spray my wing sheets with a clear srpay sealer, this helps to protect the image and reduces the chance of smudging and scratching the ink.

Measure the wire for your wings. (For these wings I am adding long wire tails, for no tails simply measure to about 2cm in from the wing tips.)

Measure the wire along the top of the wing, adding an extra inch for the stem, bend the wire and repeate for the bottom of the wing. Always remember to add the extra inch for the stem. Now cut the wire and cut out your wings.

Using the pliers take hold of the wire at the bend and twist to create the stem. Now lay the wires on top of the wings and bend them so they are running along the wing veins. Glue them into place.

Once the glue is fully dry you can start to embellish your wings. If you added wire tails you can now bend them into shape and/or curl the ends.

There are no rules to embellishing you wings, They can be delicate with just a hint of glitter or extravagant with large flowers, lots of glitter, beads, rhinestones and more!!


For these wings I am using some gold leaf charms, mulberry roses, glitters and microbeads.  You can use crystal lacqure to attach the glitter and beads, but for this wing I am using Mod Podge,  it is a lot thicker then the lacqure and does not dry quite so fast.  For the charms and roses I used the same glue I used to attach the wires.

Have Fun!!


If you have any questions about this Tutorial please do not hesitate to contact me.

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